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New rules for entry into Ukraine for foreigners

Since September 10 came into force a government decree on new rules for issuing visas to foreigners arriving to Ukraine and traveling through its territory en route. Instead of 15 types of visas (office, business, for scientists, students, missionaries, tourists, international train conductors), there remain only three -


Short-term (up to 90 days)

Long-term (more than 90 days).

In this case the fees from foreigners increased by 1.5-2 times.

Simultaneously, the media reported that the foreigners, Entering the territory of Ukraine, are required to confirm their financial viability - the border guard to show money. However, it is not true. For guests of Ukraine from European rules have not changed. So wording "NTB" said a State Border Service. There is a government decree № 445 from May 6, 2009, which contains the list of countries whose citizens may be asked to prove their financial solvency upon entry to Ukraine. " That is a matter of verifying the financial viability of the citizens of so-called country risk. This is an exhaustive list. It includes a number of countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Dikusar said. "NTB", that any innovation at the entrance to Ukraine for foreigners there, "Rules of entry / exit" has not recently changed.

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