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Wine Festival in Uzhgorod

19 and 20 November in Uzhgorod will take place the traditional festival of new wine "Beaujolais Zacarpathian"
This year the festival will be held in the ancient cellars in the building called "The Cellar", which is located in the center of the street Rakoczy.
"Wine Cellar" is the oldest of Uzhgorod and beverage stores (built in 1781, is an architectural monument.) The construction of these warehouses is associated with a surge in trade and winemaking in this region. "Transcarpathian Beaujolais" - the youngest of the wine festivals Transcarpathia. From other festivals it differs in that -a celebration of a young wine made ​​from grapes of the harvest this year. The bestwinemakers of Transcarpathian assure that the wine in this unique time.
Visitors to the festival will hold wine tastings and learn the history of winemaking in the Carpathians, the traditions of use and features a unique professional wine maker.

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