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A new de luxe hotel has been opened recently in a very heart of Odessa. Hotel De Paris Odessa ...



New habitants on the Paysage Alley in Kiev

  A new art-parc for children "Two worlds"  with social meaning is going to be opened this year on the Paysage alley in Kiev. Its aim is to demostrate the relationships between a cityzen and a government nowadays.

  Surface of the new playground is divided by the metal small bridge into two parts. On one side of the playground there is a desert where bad characters live.Each character that lives there is a symbol of something.For example, big  spider symbolises a racketeer, snake is a  shadow economy, crocodile is a bureaucracy, scorpion - a smuggler, bug - scarab - a speculator in foreign currency and a turtle symbolises a slow development of the shadow government.

  On the other side you can see the country of prosperity where there are bright and beautiful taps, symbolising the wellbeing. To get there you need to pass the metal bridge that is the symbol of the law.

  The official opening of the "Two worlds" art-park will be held on the 14th of January. The entrance to the parc is free.The parc is opened from 08.00 to 22.00 every day.

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