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Top 10 unusual places in Lviv


It is hard to argue with the fact that one of the most popular Ukrainian cities that best conveys the spirit of real Ukrainian - is the Lions. Therefore, planning a tour to Ukraine, be sure to include in the program, visit the city of Lviv, a lion - west of the capital of Ukraine.

Especially for this purpose, we have prepared you a rating out of 10 unusual places that are definitely worth a visit in Lviv:


1. Opera House - a unique edifice built in 1900. You'll be amazed at the beauty of this building, in the performance of which harmoniously blends the architecture Renaissance and Baroque periods.

2. Market "Vernissage" - Lviv is "Montmartre", with lots of handmade goods: paintings, clothing, decoration. Collectors of antiques is on the "Vernissage" will find unique antique copies, and will enjoy their collection novelties.

3. High Castle (Castle Hill). After rising to the castle hill, you will find yourself at the highest point in Lviv, which offers beautiful views of the city with a bird's eye view. At the time of Prince Danilo Galitsky is a castle with an observation tower, from which had been under surveillance and monitoring of fire safety in the city's defensive walls. Going upstairs, you can enjoy not only the nature and species, but also the remains of the ancient castle walls.

4. Dominican cathedral, one of the most significant monuments of the Baroque period. Today, the Dominican Cathedral - a place of pilgrimage for millions of tourists, which affects the beauty and majesty of this unique monument of architecture.

5. Pharmacy Museum. You want to get rid of their ailments without the use of drugs? Then welcome to a special miracle drug store "pid nintendo eagle." This pharmacy is one of the oldest buildings in the city built in 1735. There you will find the elixir of youth, the elixir of life, an old recipe book doctors. This is where you can make a lot of interesting discoveries!

6. Museum of "Arsenal". Visiting this place will appeal to both lovers of knives or just curious people. Lviv Historical Museum presented a collection of weapons from the scale in Ukraine. This collection includes five thousand exhibits XI - late 70s of the twentieth century.

7. Lychakiv cemetery. What is this place - the memory of generations or the world's masterpieces of architecture? Few at first glance, wants to go on a trip to the cemetery. What I have not seen?-You ask. Lychakiv cemetery - one of the oldest places of eternal resting place not only in Ukraine but all over Europe. This place was opened in 1786, and for more than 200 years of its existence focused on its territory is not just dumping a whole art of renowned architects from around the world. Lviv Nikropol include open-air museum. During your tour of the Ukraine, be sure to visit this unique place.

8. Shevchenko Guy - is an ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life in the open. It contains exhibits of national life throughout the Western Ukraine. Caught in this quiet and cozy place, if you are transported back to the century before last. You fascinate wooden houses, churches, courtyards, Ukrainian embroidery and other handmade items of everyday life. All these exhibits were carefully transported from different parts of Ukraine.

9. Lviv chocolate shop. It is a paradise for the sweet tooth! At the entrance you risk to fall under the magnetism of this sweet chocolate waterfall. Such an abundance of different flavors and forms you will not find anywhere else. This place is definitely worth a visit, and your tour of the Ukraine will be a truly memorable journey.

10. Golden Horseshoe of Lviv. This is a short trip, where you plunge into the world of ancient legends and make castles. Choosing this item in your tour you will be amazed Ukraine majesty, stability and a long history of ancient walls Olesky, and Zolochivskogo Podgoretskii locks.

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