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Top 10 best places in the Crimea

When planning your summer vacation, and choosing a place where you could spend some interesting time and have a good rest, an excellent choice among a huge variety of options will be tours to Crimea. In order to learn more about the culture of the peninsula and to feel the true spirit of it, we encourage you to visit some interesting excursions in Crimea. So, our TOP 10 best places in the Crimea.


1) Chersonese (Sevastopol)  - the ruins of Greek polis based app. in V century BC, now attracts a huge number of tourists, telling us that these lands were part of the history of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Byzantine Empire. These excurions to Crimea evoke a sense of delight from the possibility to touch the centuries-old history and see on your own, a place on the peninsula where ancient inhabitants lived.


2) Khan's Palace (Bakhchisarai)  - a sacred place to the Crimean Tatars. This palace served as residence for the rulers of the Crimean Khanate and the XVI-XVII centuries it was the center of political, spiritual and cultural life of the state of the Crimean Tatars. The historical heritage of the peninsula is truly unique and Khan's Palace - the world's only example of Crimean palace architecture - is an undeniable proof of that. That's why a visit to this place makes tours to Crimea so interesting and attractive.

3) Livadia Palace (Livadia) - favorite place for vacation of Emperor Nicholas II and his family, and the same place with a worldwide reputation in modern history because of the Yalta Conference of Heads of allied countries in 1945 - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin - which took place here. Thus, the Crimea became known abroad and excursions in Crimea are popular not only among our countrymen, but also among foreign tourists. Snow-white palace on the blue background of the sea surface and the tops of the Crimean Mountains, surrounded by fabulous gardens, that amazes eyes, and tours to Crimea acquire a special charm.

4) Vorontsov's Palace (Alupka)  - extremely attractive feature of the palace is an unusual combination of Gothic and Oriental architectural forms, the richness and diversity of the internal decor of its 100 rooms. The magnificence of the surrounding landscape, which opens from the Lion's terrace, with the stairs and three pairs of marble lions on their sides going down to the park, combined with the splendor of the eastern forms of the South facade does not leave anyone indifferent.


5) Nikita Botanical Garden (Nikita). The abundance of flowers and exotic trees strikes the imagination. Here you can see the trees, planted over 200 years ago, one of the oldest pistachio trees, which is over 1,500 years, a bamboo grove, brought from China, more than 2,000 kinds of roses, blooming almost year-round in the rose garden of the park. Especially remarkable excursions to Crimea are if you visit the Nikita in spring during flowering of tulips, or in autumn, when all the guests invited to the Crimea to the ball of chrysanthemums, which are more than 300 kinds of flowers.

6) Massandra winery (Massandra).  The beginning of the XIX century was the impetus for wine making in this area. When Golitsyn built a unique underground factory for the production and aging of table and dessert wine in the tunnels which support year-round temperature of +10◦ C. Wine Massandra  tasting will impress even the most critical connoisseurs of fine wines. Bouquet of each brand of wine produced in Massandra is diverse, with subtle hints, either fruit or flowers, or even bread. Excursion to this winery with tasting must be included to the tours to Crimea, for both Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

7) Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855" (Sebastopol) - the original building has a circular form with a height equal to the diameter that is 38 meters. The museum depicts the events of one day of the Defense of the city that lasted for 349 days - June 18, 1855, when the defenders of Sevastopol managed to repel the first assault of the city. The grandeur and dimensions of the Panorama open to tourists the heroic past of the city, adding to the tours to Crimea another component.


8) Chufut-Kale (Bakhchisarai) - an ancient cave town - one of the best preserved and most visited - is located on a plateau at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. He served as a refuge for the inhabitants, where they could hide in case of danger of war. Climbing to the top of the plateau, open views will not leave anyone indifferent, and, standing on the edge of a cliff, my heart stops with excitement.


9) Underground Naval Museum Complex "Balaklava" (Balaklava), it is known as the Museum of submarines. In the era of the "cold war" in the Balaklava Bay the division of submarines was located, and later a secret underground plant fn their repair was built, and became an important strategic target. The complex was isolated from the outside world. Its defense was able to withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb up to 100 kilotons. Excursions in Crimea enable the traveler to discover not only the natural splendor of the peninsula, but also he grandeur of such structures as Balaklava Shipyard, which quite recent time ago was declassified and opened with a naval museum.

10) Genoese fortress (Sudak) - a unique fortification built by the residents of Genoa in the XIV-XV centuries. The fortress, with its impregnable battlements and high towers majestically rises over the city. Each year, choosing tours to Crimea, many visitors come here to take part in the festival of knight arts, and the whole castle for a few days turns into a medieval town house, where you can see the archers competition, sword fights, the work of artisans etc.

During the tour to Crimea, we advise you to stop in Novyi Svet (New World), located in a 15-minute drive from Sudak, with its chic bays, beaches and the famous factory of sparkling wines, where you can book a tour and visit the tasting in the cellars of the plant.


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