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The whole truth about the hotel in Ukraine.

   Many tourists can not imagine, how exciting Ukraine is. Tour to Ukraine can turn your idea about this wonderful country. Depending on your preference for only one tour to Ukraine, you will have the opportunity to cover a range of recreational and tourist facilities.

   Whatever the direction and the city, that you can choose, you will have need to book a hotel in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, or any other city.



 Hotels, that have high level of comfort and price range, respectively, are located in the megacities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkov. In Ukraine, as in any other country in the world, quite a number of hotels from hostels to luxury boutique hotels. But how to don't miscalculated and remain satisfied with their choice, and enjoy the comfort?
    Especially for your convenience, we present a list of hotels, formed into three groups according to level of service provided "Very good", "Satisfactory", "Very bad".

    The first category - “Very good”, includes hotels, the service which is at a very high level for the stated star, namely, a good location relative to the center of the city, the availability of additional services in the hotel, the general condition of the rooms, equipment rooms, recreational base of the hotel (gym, swimming pool, lounge beauty, sauna), the presence of business services (conference room, business center), personal services (dry cleaning, laundry, ironing room). Quite often, a hotel of this level, of stardom inflate their prices, but nevertheless, the level of service will allow tourists to enjoy comfort in full. Accommodation suitable for very demanding tourist.

   The second category - “Satisfactory”, includes hotels, formed by the same criteria to the level of service, but less rich in decor and have more affordable price. These hotels are ideal for undemanding tourists.

   In the category of "Very bad" are hotels, level of service leaves much to be desired. They have not gone, yet, from the "soviet" level of service. If you do not want to spoil the impression of a holiday or business trip, we advise you to settle in the hotel, submitted in this category.

The category "Very good" is awarded to hotels:

Kiev: Premier Palace 5*, Opera 5 *, Intercontinental 5*, Hyatt 5*, President Hotel 4*, Riviera on Podol 4*, Podol Plaza 4*, Impressa 4*, Rus 3*;

Odessa: Otrada 5*, Bristol 5*, Londonskaya 4*, London 4*, Odessa 4*, Mozart 4*, Frapolli 4*, Aivazovsky 3*;

Lviv: Grand Hotel 4*, Citadel Inn 4*, Opera 4*, Leopolis 4*, Swiss 4*, Dniester 4*, Reikartz Dworzec 4*, Voltaire 3*, Nton 3*, Sykhiv 3*, Old Castle 3*;
Donetsk: Donbass Palace 5*, Shakhtar Plaza 5*, Victoria 4*, Eva 4*, Prague 4*, Rialto 4*, Ramada Donetsk 3*,
Kharkov: Cosmopolit 5*, Aurora 4*, Victoria 4*; Carnaval Resort & Spa 4*, Kharkov 3*, Chichikov, 3*, Viva 3 *;

Cherkassy: Apelsin 4*;

Dnepropetrovsk: Axelhof 5 *; Grand Hotel Ukraine 5*, Grand Hotel European 4*, Kaspiy 4*, Park Hotel 4*, Hood Zone 4 *; Reikartz Dnepropetrovsk 3 *;
Kamenetz Podolski: Amadeus Club 4 *, Cleopatra 4*, 7 Days 3 *, Reikartz Kamenetz-Podolski 3 *;
Mukachevo: Star 3*;
Zaporozhye: Sheraton 5*, Intourist 3 *;
Crimean region: Aquamarine 5 *, Sevastopol 3*, Ukraine 3* (Sebastopol), Moscow 3* (Simferopol), Palmira Palace 5* , Oreanda 4 *, Primorskiy Park 4* (Yalta);

In the category of "Satisfactory" get these hotels:
Kiev: Lybid 3 *, 3 * Domus, Slavutych 3 *, 3 * World; Express 3 *, 3 * Friendship; Predslava 2 *, 2 * Spartacus, Alenka 2 *
Odessa: Black Sea 3*, Lermontovskiy 3*, De Richelieu 3*;
Lviv: Vienna 3*, Sputnik 3*, Getman 3 *, 2 * George; Eurohotel 3 *;
Donetsk: Aurora 2 *;
Kharkov: Druzhba 3 *, 4 * Mercure;
Cherkassy: 4 * Dnipro
Dnepropetrovsk: Astoria 3 *; Seven eleven 2 *;
Kamenetz Podolski: Palmyra 2 *
Crimean region:Sports 3 * (Simferopol);

The category "Very bad":
Kiev: VERCON 2 *, Park Hotel 2 *, 2 * Andrew
Odessa: Central 2 *, 2 * Passage; Zirka 2 *; Tokyo Star 2 *
Lviv: The Power of 2 *
Kharkov: Berezivski mineral water 2 *;
Zaporozhye: Dnepr 2 *
Vinnitsya: Pivdenny Bug 2 *

Every tourist should be aware that the choice of hotel - it is an important process. The wrong choice can drastically affect the impressions received from the journey, on this we advise you when choosing a hotel to use the services of tour operator where the competent management can help you choose the hotel that is right for you!

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