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Travels to Ukraine

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It is impossible to imagine Kiev without...

Like any modern metropolis, it's impossible to imagine Kiev without a multi-million population, without a huge diversity of cars that varies from old car from the Soviet Union to extremely expensive Jeeps and luxury sports cars, without traffic jams at rush hours and crushes in public transport. But this is not what distinguishes Kyiv from other large cities and gives it inimitable feature.

Kiev is distinguished from Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague and Berlin, with its multi-million population, every individual, of which smiles at you on the street and is always ready to help you, with a rich and fascinating history, countless parks, fountains, churches you have never seen, cathedrals and monasteries, and of course the great Dnieper, so many times mentioned in various stories, poems and songs.

I would like to tell you about the most interesting excursions in Kiev.


When you visit Kiev you just need to walk along Khreschatyk. Here, on the most central street of the country every building tells you a story. Here you will find old buildings with boutiques and cafes, and modern constructions with huge windows and offices, and finally you will get to the central square - Independence Square, the place where the recent "Orange Revolution" took place. Today, it is the place where various shows and TV project are being shut.

Another excursion in Kiev, which certainly deserves your attention is Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.


Built in 1051 on the downhills of the Dnieper and included to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, Lavra attracts with its golden domes hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists. In addition to temples, churches and cathedrals, we suggest you excursion to the caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which total length is about 900 meters.


The St. Sophia cathedral with a huge bell tower and the ancient mosaics is considered to be an integral part of Kiev, built in XI century by Constantinople builders, with the participation of craftsmen of Kievan Rus'.


The whole Museum became the first in Ukraine, which was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Ancient frescoes of Virgin Mary, that can be seen during the excursion to St. Sophia's Cathedral, will not leave you indifferent.

Traveling through the streets of the capital, we suggest you to look into the historical city center - Podol. Here you can ride the cable railway (funicular), make a river walk - small cruise- going to the river port and walk along St. Andrew's descent - a place where you will find the best gifts of ethnic or modern art, in memory of Kiev.


Just be sure to visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War - a huge park with lots of military equipment since the First and Second World War, museum with original exhibits and documents. The main attribute of this excurion in Kiev, is the "Rodina Mat' (Motherland)" - a monumental sculpture with a shield and sword in the hands of 102 meters in height and weighing 450 tons.

It is impossible to imagine Kiev without all this, as well as the person who has not yet started preparing baggage for an unforgettable trip!


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