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Hotels in Ukraine: Price=Quality

Going on a trip, it is impossible to imagine a vacation without a quality hotel that would meet all the requirements of comfort and price.

Most of the hotels in Kiev was built during the Soviet period. Hotels in Kiev has repeatedly improved and reconstructed and are now at a decent level.

In recent years appeared in Kiev hotels world-famous, such as the Radisson Blu, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Ibis, but not every tourist can afford to stay in hotels of this price level. This is the biggest problem in Kiev. All the hotels are very expensive! And not the price of accommodation does not always match the quality of services. What are the hotels in Kiev meet the criterion for the price = quality? Let's try to understand you.

Despite the fact that our country has a high price is not always justified by the quality, it will not prevent you find exactly the hotel that is right for you.


The first thing that you must to do, if you want to book a tour to Ukraine - is pre-book a hotel in Kiev. It is best to take help of professionals experienced tour operator. "- Why pay for the services of the company?", You ask. Turning to the tourist operator you will not lose anything. The big advantage is that you do not must to have contact with a number of hotels and spend your time and money on phone calls and correspondence - for you it will make experienced manager of tourist company, you will only need to make a choice.

It is important to determine for themselves the area of the city that you want to visit and for what purpose. Be sure to review your plans and determine in what part of town you'll be spending most of the time, it will help you to choose the optimum variant.


If you are a business man, and most of the time you spend in traveling to different cities and countries, the best option for you is a business class hotel. Hotels in Kiev of this level are more focused in the business districts of the city, it is often the central regions. These hotels are located in areas with good transport interchange, convenient to the airport and railway station. For business-class hotels, which can correspond to the price = quality requirement include: Rus 3*, Khreshchatyk 3*, Domus 3*, Riviera on Podol 4*, Podol Plaza 4*, Gintama 4*, Radisson Blu 4*, President Hotel 4*.

If you are a person who has and maintains a high profile and status, of course, the level of comfort should be maximized. Except of the standard comforts of business class hotels, here must be added the luxury, prestigious, and the highest level of the hotel that you choose. This is a small boutique hotels and hotel levels of 5 stars. For part of this level of service for hotels in Kiev can not but rejoice, and choosing a hotel, even at random you will not lose: Premier Palace Hotel 5 *, Opera 5*, Hyatt 5*, Intercontinental 5*.

If you come on a trip to Kiev for a couple of days, and you are the main impressions and emotions that you want to get from the trip, you should look at the tourist class hotel 2 * and 3 *. Service of certain tourist class hotel is somewhat limited ... sometimes it is quite modest hotel rooms with a facelift and outdated furniture, but it may menie, there is everything necessary for comfortable rest after a busy day.

Tourist Class Hotels that meet the requirements of the price = quality: Mir 3*, Druzhba 3*, Slavutych 3*, Bratislava 3*, Predslava 2*.

For more information about the hotels in Kiev you can find on the Internet at own hotel or tour operator on the site.

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