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Wine tasting in the Crimea

Every year more and more tourists are interested in unconventional travel. And the lion's share of travel falls on the culinary tours and wine tours. And Ukraine is the issue of wine tours is not the last!

Of course, we can not compete in the wine travel wine gurus such as France, Italy, Argentina, but no less so in Ukraine there are a lot of decent wine regions, where tourists can head to the wine tour and enjoy wine tasting and viewing land !

Here we want to introduce to you a brief description of the best, in our opinion, the wine regions of Ukraine.

Massandra winery


No doubt this is one of the best wine sites to be visited, choosing a wine tour to Ukraine. Trading House "Massandra", which has more than 100 years of history and includes the plant itself and another eight wineries, and also owns 4500 acres of wine fields throughout the Crimea, will offer you a fascinating tour with a visit to the main wine cellars of the plant (including king's cellar with a museum gallery of vintage wines), the production shop, a museum of wine, and of course in the end, will offer you a taste nine wines "Massandra".

The factory of sparkling wines "Novy Svet"


Another splendid object of the Crimean coast, which should definitely include in your wine tour to Ukraine. And not just because the history of this factory has over 130 years and the taste of his sparkling wines wins the hearts of gourmets, but also because of the fascinating landscape of "royal" beach, which no doubt will not leave you indifferent. So back to our tour at the plant, during which you will visit the cellars where the champagne is stored (by the way, contrary to the rule of naming sparkling wine - champagne, as produced exclusively in the Champagne region, the New World were allowed to leave the name "Champagne Wine"), listen to interesting the history of the plant Prince Golitsyn, and of course taste this divine drink.


Inkerman's factory of vintage wines


Continuing his journey across the expanses of the Crimea, and Ukraine tours of filling new and new experiences, we suggest staying in Sebastopol, near which there is, and Inkerman winery. Besides the fact that you will win the city-hero Sevastopol, Ukraine tours because it is impossible to imagine without visiting this amazing city - the factory of vintage wines in Inkerman and make an impression on you. Unique basement of the plant, which is included in the inspection of a wine tour of the Ukraine, represent something like a real cave city, where in special oak barrels is a process of maturation and aging wines Inkerman. In its basement area of ​​the plant is considered one of the largest in Europe. Wine Tasting to be held at the end of tours of the plant, will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the products of Inkerman and compare different wines bouquets wine regions, which include a wine tour of the Ukraine.


Center for Wine Culture Chabot


Continuing his tour of the Ukraine, we can not leave without tasting the center of attention, "Chabot", located in sec. Chabot, Odessa region - one of the oldest wine regions of Europe, whose traditions have their origins back to ancient times. Getting new positive emotions, going to a wine tour of the Ukraine you will be impressed by the huge oak barrels where the wine matures, and the size of a giant underground storage facility and the old "King's basement" will take you to ecstasy! Continuing the wine tour to Ukraine, you will have the rare opportunity to see and appreciate the precious cognac drinks, high-quality sparkling wine, enjoying every touch of delicious flavor taste. In addition to the gustatory impressions you happen to visit the museum's extraordinary maze and enter the world of legends and myths about wine.

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