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Name : Andrew's Descent

Time, h : 2

Kiev is an amazing and unique city. This city has two main streets. The first one is the official- Khreschyatik, the second one is Andrew's Descent (Andreevskiy Spusk), that connects the upper and lower city. This descent unites Past and Present

Andrew's Descent is the street that almost coincides with the age of Kiev itself. The urban development has not been interrupted for nearly 1000 years and each house here has its own history. Today the street has turned into a kind of exhibition and fair where you can find painting, ceramics and applied art. Besides, the street is a museum. Many famous scientists and cultural workers (scholars, writers, composers, artists and sculptors) lived and worked there.
At the beginning of the descent you will see the pearl of architecture and the favorite of Kiev residents - St. Andrew's Church (Andreevskaya Church), you will hear many legends associated with it.
Going down you will be cloaked in mystery when you see the Richard Lion Heart Castle and Bulgakov House, a famous writer, author of The Master and Margarita. When you go up to the one of the viewing points, you will see the most ancient urban district- Podol (a birds eye view).
Andrew's Descent is often compared with Montmartre in Paris. Here you can buy different souvenirs and works of art by modern artists. Besides, our excursion will introduce to you many secrets and legends associated with the amazing place.

Note: At pleasure of tourists the excursion on Andreevskiy Spusk may include the visiting of museums, such as: Bulgakov House (the only one museum in the world devoted to the great writer), The Museum Of One Street ( collection is devoted to the history of Andreevskiy Spusk and its famous residents), The Kavaleridze Museum ( the museum is devoted to the great artist and contains models and projects of monuments of the great Ukrainian figures) and the Puppet Museum.

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