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A new de luxe hotel has been opened recently in a very heart of Odessa. Hotel De Paris Odessa ...


Price 19$


"Nton" 3*, "Irena"1927
"George", "Reikarz Dworzez"2733

Price includes Additional charge
-meeting at the railway station;
-transfer to the hotel Irena/George/Reikarz Dworzhec;
-accommodation at the hotel for 1 night;
-breakfast at the hotel;
-2 excursions around Lvov;
-map of Lvov;
-tourist insurance.
-train in/from Lvov;
-tickets to the local transport;
-supplementary meals;
-*beer, coffee, chocolate, marzipan tasting,optional excursions, personal expenses.

1 day

Arrival to Lvov at 08:00.

Our trip to Lvov begins from a meeting with a guide at the railway station of Lvov.

Transfer to the hotel "Lvov" 2*, "NTON" 3*,"George" 4*, "Reikarz Dworzec" 4**(in the case of booking other hotels, tourists get to the hotels themselves or offer transfer to the hotel (optional).

Check-in to the hotel according to the rules of the hotel - from 14:00 (you can leave your belonings at the hotel cloakroom on the day of check-in and check-out).

Transfer to the starting point of the city tour.

Walk excursion "Polish Lviv", during which you`ll learn the history and legends of Lvov of the XIVth-XVIIIth centuries, will walk through the narrow medieval streets and the famous Square Rynok.You`ll see the most famous sights of Lviv as Latin Cathedral,Church of the Dominicans, the Assumption Church, the Armenian cathedral, etc.

You will notice that Lvov is a city with coffee aroma.During the tour you`ll have the opportunity to hear the story of coffee and also you can taste the cup of hot chocolate in one of the local cafes that are called "kav'yarnia" in Ukrainian.Or,maybe, you `d better drink tea? Then you can offer a delicious tea from the Carpathian herbs that together with Lviv marzipan won`t leave you indifferent*

Free time in the city. You can continue exploring yourself the century-old restaurant traditions of Lvov in such famous restaurants as:

- "Masoch-cafe" where you can enjoy cocktails and food with aphrodisiac!

- Having knocked on the door of the "Kriїvka" restaurant, you`ll learn a lot about the history of the UPA and here you can taste natioanal alcoholic drink such as medovuha.

- Having entered to the restaurant "Gasova Lyampa", you will meet Ian Zegomi Ignatius Lukashevich, who was the inventor of the first gasoline lamp. Here you`ll also be offered to taste such alcoholic beverages as "benzovka", "naftіvka", "gasіvka" and, of course, beer from barrels, imported from Germany.

- Distinctive feature of Galician Kneipp "Under the Golden Rose" is the absence of prices: for each dish you will have to haggle with the waiter!

Free time.

You can either take a walk along cosy streets of Lvov or have dinner in a local restaurant or visit Lvov Opera that is in the list of the most beautiful buildings of the world!
2 day

Breakfast at the hotel.

12:00 - Check-out from the hotel.
11:00 - Meeting with the guide near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in the city center.
Walking tour to the ancient Lvov of the XVIIIth - XIXth century, that was enriched with beautiful buildings during the reign of the Austrian emperors.

Excursion "Austrian Lions" takes you through the ancient architectural monuments in different tyles: classical, eclectic, baroque. All these monuments which exist either individually or in combination with each other create a special charm of the city.

During our second city tour you`ll visit:Mariinskaya square, pharmacy and Mikolyash passage(the first kerosene lamp), Potocki Palace, an art gallery, research library ("Ossolineum"),"Grand Hotel" - the birthplace of the writer von Sacher-Masoch, the Philharmonic, Music Academy of M. Lysenko, Palace of Justice, the legendary coffeehouse mathematicians "Shkotskaya" (Scottish), confectionery Zalewski, whose products transported by air especially in Paris and so on.

Ukraine, Kyiv
of.10, 17 Velyka Zhytomyrska str.
+380 44 207-59-89
fax +380 44 278-04-61

Dominican Church
Dominican Church
Potocki Palace
Potocki Palace
Lion City
Lion City
Market Square
Market Square
Liberty Avenue (Prospekt Svobody)
Liberty Avenue (Prospekt Svobody)